Fixed Scope Projects Activities and Templates Project Initiation

Fixed Scope Project Activities & Templates

Listed below are each of the Activities for each of the Phases in the Standard BFC Project Life Cycle

Click on the linked Actiivty names to view more detail about what's invovled or click on the Template names to download that template. 

Phase 1 - Project Initiation Phase

ActivityDownload TemplateRoles
1.1. Project Scoping & Briefing Process
1.1.0 Start Proposal AM
1.1.1 Project Scoping Workshop (optional)Project Scoping GuidelinesAM, BA, Client,PM (Optional)
1.1.2 Decide on System Definition Approach (optional) AM, PM, BA
1.1.3 Prepare Scope Statement (optional)Statement of ScopeBA
1.1.4 Approve Scope & Send to Client (optional) AM
1.1.5 Review & Approve Scope (optional) Client
1.1.6 Complete Proposal AM
1.1.7 Client Reviews & Accepts Proposal Client, AM
1.1.8 Send Appropriate Contract PM
1.1.9 Review, Sign & Return Contract AM
1.1.10 Update Project Status & File Contract Contract Manager
1.1.11 Complete Project BriefProject BriefAM
1.1.12 Walkthrough Project Brief AM, PM
1.2 Project Set Up & Planning Process
1.2.1 Set Up Job in the Project Management System PM
1.2.2 Set Up Issues List in Issue Management System PM
1.2.3 Set Up Project FoldersProject Directory StructurePM
1.2.4 Schedule & Confirm Project Kick Off Meeting PM, AM
1.2.5 Plan Kick Off MeetingKick Off Meeting PresentationPM
1.2.6 Start Project PlanProject Plan / Project WBS/SchedulePM
1.2.7 Project Kick Off Meeting PM, BA, Client, AM, Creative Designer
1.2.8 Complete System Definition Phase  
1.2.9 Finalise and Issue Project Plan PM
1.2.10 Review & Approve Project Plan PM, Client
1.2.11 Update Project Schedule for Milestone PM