Fixed Scope Projects Activities and Templates Develop and Test

Phase 3 - Development & Testing Process

ActivityDownload TemplateRoles
3.1 Schedule Project Kick Off Meeting PM
3.2 Project Kick Off Meeting PM, Developer(s), Teste Manager, Integrator, Designer
3.3 Schedule Project Kick Off Meeting PM
3.4 Update Schedule for Completed Milestone PM
3.5 Technical DesignSystem ModelDeveloper(s)
3.6 Write Test CasesSystem Test CasesTest Manager
3.7 Prepare HTML Templates Integrator
3.8 Design Review Designer, PM, Integrator
3.9 Coding Developers
3.10 Unit Testing Developers
3.11 Deployment PlanningDeployment PlanDevelopers
3.12 Deploy to Staging Developers
3.13 Integration & Content PopulationContent TrackerIntegrator
3.14 Resolve Integration Queries Graphic Designer
3.15 Design Review Designer, PM, Integrator
3.16 Update Schedule for Completed Milestone PM
3.17 Debug Design Issues Developer, Integrator
3.18 Run Test Cases (until all pass)System Test ReportTester
3.19 Review System Test Results & Test Report PM
3.20 Debug System Test Issues Designer, PM, Integrator
3.21 Approve for Acceptance Testing PM
3.22 Update Schedule for Completed Milestone Designer, PM, Integrator