Fixed Scope Projects Activities and Templates Definition

Phase 2 - System Definition Process

ActivityDownload TemplateRoles
2.1 Schedule Design & Requirements Workshops PM, Client
2.2 Design Workshop PM, Client, Creative Designer
2.3 Produce Design Concepts Creative Designer
2.4 Requirements Workshop(s) PM, Client, BA
2.5 Start Requirements ModelRequirements ModelBA
2.6 Review & Approve Design Concepts (internally) PM, Creative Designer, AM (optional)
2.7 Present Design Concepts PM, Client, Creative Designer
2.8 Review & Approve Concepts Client
2.9 Update Schedule for Completed Milestone PM
2.10 Finalise Requirements Model PM, Client, BA
2.11 Review & Approve Requirements Model PM
2.12 Walkthrough Requirements Model BA, Client, PM
2.13 Review & Approve Requirements ModelCertificate of Acceptance - RequirementsClient
2.14 Update Schedule for Completed Milestone PM
2.15 Write Test PlanProject Test PlanTest Manager
2.16 Review Test Plan PM