Fixed Scope Projects Activities and Templates

Fixed Scope Project Activities & Templates

Listed below are each of the Activities for each of the Phases in the Standard BFC Project Life Cycle

Click on the linked Actiivty names to view more detail about what's invovled or click on the Template names to download that template. 

Phase 1 - Project Initiation Phase

Activity Download Template Roles
1.1. Project Scoping & Briefing Process
1.1.0 Start Proposal   AM
1.1.1 Project Scoping Workshop (optional) Project Scoping Guidelines AM, BA, Client,PM (Optional)
1.1.2 Decide on System Definition Approach (optional)   AM, PM, BA
1.1.3 Prepare Scope Statement (optional) Statement of Scope BA
1.1.4 Approve Scope & Send to Client (optional)   AM
1.1.5 Review & Approve Scope (optional)   Client
1.1.6 Complete Proposal   AM
1.1.7 Client Reviews & Accepts Proposal   Client, AM
1.1.8 Send Appropriate Contract   PM
1.1.9 Review, Sign & Return Contract   AM
1.1.10 Update Project Status & File Contract   Contract Manager
1.1.11 Complete Project Brief Project Brief AM
1.1.12 Walkthrough Project Brief   AM, PM
1.2 Project Set Up & Planning Process
1.2.1 Set Up Job in the Project Management System   PM
1.2.2 Set Up Issues List in Issue Management System   PM
1.2.3 Set Up Project Folders Project Directory Structure PM
1.2.4 Schedule & Confirm Project Kick Off Meeting   PM, AM
1.2.5 Plan Kick Off Meeting Kick Off Meeting Presentation PM
1.2.6 Start Project Plan Project Plan / Project WBS/Schedule PM
1.2.7 Project Kick Off Meeting   PM, BA, Client, AM, Creative Designer
1.2.8 Complete System Definition Phase    
1.2.9 Finalise and Issue Project Plan   PM
1.2.10 Review & Approve Project Plan   PM, Client
1.2.11 Update Project Schedule for Milestone   PM

Phase 2 - System Definition Process

Activity Download Template Roles
2.1 Schedule Design & Requirements Workshops   PM, Client
2.2 Design Workshop   PM, Client, Creative Designer
2.3 Produce Design Concepts   Creative Designer
2.4 Requirements Workshop(s)   PM, Client, BA
2.5 Start Requirements Model Requirements Model BA
2.6 Review & Approve Design Concepts (internally)   PM, Creative Designer, AM (optional)
2.7 Present Design Concepts   PM, Client, Creative Designer
2.8 Review & Approve Concepts   Client
2.9 Update Schedule for Completed Milestone   PM
2.10 Finalise Requirements Model   PM, Client, BA
2.11 Review & Approve Requirements Model   PM
2.12 Walkthrough Requirements Model   BA, Client, PM
2.13 Review & Approve Requirements Model Certificate of Acceptance - Requirements Client
2.14 Update Schedule for Completed Milestone   PM
2.15 Write Test Plan Project Test Plan Test Manager
2.16 Review Test Plan   PM

Phase 3 - Development & Testing Process

Activity Download Template Roles
3.1 Schedule Project Kick Off Meeting   PM
3.2 Project Kick Off Meeting   PM, Developer(s), Teste Manager, Integrator, Designer
3.3 Schedule Project Kick Off Meeting   PM
3.4 Update Schedule for Completed Milestone   PM
3.5 Technical Design System Model Developer(s)
3.6 Write Test Cases System Test Cases Test Manager
3.7 Prepare HTML Templates   Integrator
3.8 Design Review   Designer, PM, Integrator
3.9 Coding   Developers
3.10 Unit Testing   Developers
3.11 Deployment Planning Deployment Plan Developers
3.12 Deploy to Staging   Developers
3.13 Integration & Content Population Content Tracker Integrator
3.14 Resolve Integration Queries   Graphic Designer
3.15 Design Review   Designer, PM, Integrator
3.16 Update Schedule for Completed Milestone   PM
3.17 Debug Design Issues   Developer, Integrator
3.18 Run Test Cases (until all pass) System Test Report Tester
3.19 Review System Test Results & Test Report   PM
3.20 Debug System Test Issues   Designer, PM, Integrator
3.21 Approve for Acceptance Testing   PM
3.22 Update Schedule for Completed Milestone   Designer, PM, Integrator

Phase 4 - Acceptance Process

Activity Download Template Roles
4.1 Walk Client Through Test Plan and Test Cases   PM, Client
4.2 Run Test Cases & Record Issues Acceptance Testing Results Client
4.3 Review Test Results   PM
4.4 Create Issues & Assign   PM
4.5 Resolve Issues as Assigned   Developers, Integrator
4.6 Test Resolved Issues   PM
4.7 Report Status of Issues to Client   PM
4.8 Notify Client when to Re-test/Re-run test cases   PM
4.9 Re-run Test Cases   Client
4.10 Send Accpetance Cert   PM
4.11 Sign Accpetance Cert (if all pass) Acceptance Certificate re Development & Acceptance Testing Client
4.12 Approve for Deployment   PM
4.13 Update Schedule for Completed Milestone   PM

Phase 5 - Deployment & Review

Activity Download Template Roles
5.1 Approve Application for Deployment   PM
5.2 Deploy Site to Live Environment   Developer
5.3 Run Test Cases on Live Site Test Results & Test Report Tester
5.4 Review Test Results & Report   PM
5.5 Resolve Testing Issues   Developer
5.6 Deploy Changes   Developer
5.7 Schedule Project De-Briefing Meeting   PM
5.8 Project De-Briefing Meeting Project De-Brief Report PM, Client, AM
5.9 Maintain Client Activity   AM
5.10 Request Support / Report Bug NCI's & Support Requests Client
5.11 Review & Assign Issues   PM
5.12 Resolve Issues   Developer
5.13 Test Resolved Issues   Tester
5.14 Deploy Patches   Deployment Notes
5.15 Close Project at End of Warranty Period   PM
5.16 Update Schedule for Completed Milestone  

Phase - Change Management

Activity Download Template Roles
6.1 Identify Need for Change to Requirements   PM, Client
6.2 Create Change Request Change Request (PROMAN Issue item) PM, Client
6.3 Assign Change Request for Impact Analysis   PM
6.4 Perform Initial Review of Change Request   Developer
6.5 Produce Impact Analysis Report Impact Analysis Report Developer
6.6 Review Impact Analysis Report   PM
6.7 Create Variation Notice Variation Notice PM
6.8 Review Variation Notice   Client
6.9 Reject / Approve Variation(s)   Client
6.10 Update Project Artefacts & Create/Modify Work Orders   PM
6.11 Assign (Approved) Variation Work Order(s)   PM
6.12 Communicate Changes to Project Team   PM
6.13 Modify Work Products (Implement Variations)   Developer
6.14 Update Variation Work Order(s) Status   Developer
6.15 Review Completed Deliverables   PM
6.16 Update Variation Work Order Status   PM

Phase - Project Monitoring & Control

Activity Download Template Roles
7.1 Monitor Project Parameters Daily   PM
7.2 Schedule Team Progress Meetings   PM
7.3 Complete Team Member Progress Report Team Member Progress Report Developer, Integrator
7.4 Team Progress Meeting   PM, Developer, Integrator
7.5 Update Project Artefacts   PM
7.6 Complete Project Progress Report Project Progress Report PM
7.7 PMC Meeting PMC Meeting Agenda PM, Process Manager/MD
7.8 Update Project Artefacts   PM
7.9 Communication Corrective Action Requirements   PM
7.10 Schedule Client Progress Meeting   PM
7.11 Prepare Client Progress Report Client Progress Report PM
7.12 Client Progress Meeting   PM, Client
7.13 Update Schedule for Completed Milestone   PM