Fixed Scope Project Lifecycle Activities and Templates Monitoring and Control

Phase - Project Monitoring & Control

ActivityDownload TemplateRoles
7.1 Monitor Project Parameters Daily PM
7.2 Schedule Team Progress Meetings PM
7.3 Complete Team Member Progress ReportTeam Member Progress ReportDeveloper, Integrator
7.4 Team Progress Meeting PM, Developer, Integrator
7.5 Update Project Artefacts PM
7.6 Complete Project Progress ReportProject Progress ReportPM
7.7 PMC MeetingPMC Meeting AgendaPM, Process Manager/MD
7.8 Update Project Artefacts PM
7.9 Communication Corrective Action Requirements PM
7.10 Schedule Client Progress Meeting PM
7.11 Prepare Client Progress ReportClient Progress ReportPM
7.12 Client Progress Meeting PM, Client
7.13 Update Schedule for Completed Milestone PM