Fixed Scope Project Lifecycle Activities and Templates Deployment

Phase 5 - Deployment & Review

ActivityDownload TemplateRoles
5.1 Approve Application for Deployment PM
5.2 Deploy Site to Live Environment Developer
5.3 Run Test Cases on Live SiteTest Results & Test ReportTester
5.4 Review Test Results & Report PM
5.5 Resolve Testing Issues Developer
5.6 Deploy Changes Developer
5.7 Schedule Project De-Briefing Meeting PM
5.8 Project De-Briefing MeetingProject De-Brief ReportPM, Client, AM
5.9 Maintain Client Activity AM
5.10 Request Support / Report BugNCI's & Support RequestsClient
5.11 Review & Assign Issues PM
5.12 Resolve Issues Developer
5.13 Test Resolved Issues Tester
5.14 Deploy Patches Deployment Notes
5.15 Close Project at End of Warranty Period PM
5.16 Update Schedule for Completed Milestone