Fixed Scope Project Lifecycle Activities and Templates Change Management

Phase - Change Management

ActivityDownload TemplateRoles
6.1 Identify Need for Change to Requirements PM, Client
6.2 Create Change RequestChange Request (PROMAN Issue item)PM, Client
6.3 Assign Change Request for Impact Analysis PM
6.4 Perform Initial Review of Change Request Developer
6.5 Produce Impact Analysis ReportImpact Analysis ReportDeveloper
6.6 Review Impact Analysis Report PM
6.7 Create Variation NoticeVariation NoticePM
6.8 Review Variation Notice Client
6.9 Reject / Approve Variation(s) Client
6.10 Update Project Artefacts & Create/Modify Work Orders PM
6.11 Assign (Approved) Variation Work Order(s) PM
6.12 Communicate Changes to Project Team PM
6.13 Modify Work Products (Implement Variations) Developer
6.14 Update Variation Work Order(s) Status Developer
6.15 Review Completed Deliverables PM
6.16 Update Variation Work Order Status PM