Fixed Scope Project Lifecycle Activities and Templates Acceptance

Phase 4 - Acceptance Process

ActivityDownload TemplateRoles
4.1 Walk Client Through Test Plan and Test Cases PM, Client
4.2 Run Test Cases & Record IssuesAcceptance Testing ResultsClient
4.3 Review Test Results PM
4.4 Create Issues & Assign PM
4.5 Resolve Issues as Assigned Developers, Integrator
4.6 Test Resolved Issues PM
4.7 Report Status of Issues to Client PM
4.8 Notify Client when to Re-test/Re-run test cases PM
4.9 Re-run Test Cases Client
4.10 Send Accpetance Cert PM
4.11 Sign Accpetance Cert (if all pass)Acceptance Certificate re Development & Acceptance TestingClient
4.12 Approve for Deployment PM
4.13 Update Schedule for Completed Milestone PM