Startup Rescue

Don't risk an IT failure - Protect your precious Startup capital

Have you got a great business idea?
Are your backers locked in to provide funding?
Have you found some cool developers who are raring to go?
  • Use a mature technology procurement process.
  • Select and brief your developer partners carefully.
  • Create the right legal arrangements to ensure success.

Using a structured, mature technology procurement is not just for big companies, its even more important for startups. If you are pre-revenue and you go down a technology dead-end, recovery is not always possible.

I have been involved with hundreds of internet based startups since 1996.  If you haven't yet engaged a technology partner, if it looks like your development may fail, or even if it all 'looks good' so far, I can help you put the right pieces in place to get the best bang for buck out of you precious startup capital.

Contact me to find out how.