Defining Technology for Business 

If your company wants to leverage the web for for new business processes but lacks the skills and methodologies to turn your vision into a working business system, we can bridge the gap between and you and your implementation providers. With strong experience in business modelling, application design, product design and product marketing,  BFC has the ideal range of skills to convert intent into reality.

Business people are not necessarily technology people, and deciding what technology is appropriate and how to procure that technology (buy, build, rent) is too complex to be left to a traditional vendor/product selection process.  Businesses who are investing either tactically or strategically in technology - particularly online technology - need to understand the ever changing landscape or risk the proverbial 'IT fail'.

ReqRap - Rapid Web Requirements Development 
If your organisation provides web application design services, then you need ReqRap. ReqRap provides structured use case based requirements development.  Its fully online, sign-up and start creating use case based design documentation using a library of common components.  ReqRap provides structure and consistency, estimates the size of the project, reports on completeness of requirements and creates a full test plan.  Currently in beta, let us know if you are interested in learning more.

What We Do
At BFC we help you get the business model correct. We refine the model into a requirements that are transportable and form a level playing field for vendor selection.  We can manage procurement of the solution and enforce governance around any development work.
 How We Do It
We use a proven standards based methodology. The creation of our Target Business Model clarifies thinking and identifies stakeholders, concepts and processes that may have not been considered. With this Model in place, the system Requirements Model extends the documentation with enough detail to enable developers to build the solution. Every feature in the resulting application is traceable back to its related business outcome.
Contact Us 
Get in touch for a discussion about your project.  We are always happy to talk and we may add a little value even if you don't choose to engage us. Contact Us Here